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Alcagel® Hand Sanitiser

Alcagel® Hand Sanitiser

Alcagel® is a trusted 70% alcohol Hand Sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses such as COVID-19, herpes, monkeypox and hepatitis D. Clinically certified to be used safely either on the move, at work or home, in schools and in clinical care environments. Our range of Hand Sanitisers below significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and other germs, and are especially important during cold and flu season. Alcagel® is formulated without products of animal origin making it vegan friendly and is not tested on animals. Its combination of the highest quality ingredients and moisturising elements, make it the perfect sanitiser to keep you and your loved ones safe. No matter if you’re looking for travel size, standard or even Hand Sanitiser in bulk, our Alcagel® range has something for you. You can also purchase surface wipes, surface disinfectant and surface fogger for cleansing various surfaces.

19 Products

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19 Products

per page

What is Hand Sanitiser?

Hand Sanitiser is a liquid, gel, or foam designed to kill infectious agents on the hands and other surfaces. Hand Sanitiser gel has become the go-to for hand washing in the COVID-19 pandemic and is found in hospitals, care homes, as well as domestic and commercial properties. It’s effective for killing a range of bacteria and viruses. 

Hand Sanitiser typically contains ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol concentrations ranging from 60% to 95%, sometimes combined with a moisturising agent to prevent the gel from drying out the hands. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers generally perform best among most standard-grade skin cleaners. 

Where to buy Hand Sanitisers

You can purchase Hand Sanitisers from various retailers, including pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores. Solar Medical & Chemical stocks many types of Hand Sanitiser, including Hand Sanitiser gel, surface wipes, surface disinfectant and surface fogger for cleansing various surfaces. 

Benefits of Hand Sanitiser gel

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses such as herpes, monkeypox and hepatitis D. It provides a quick and easy method for cleansing hands and skin when water isn’t present. Hand Sanitiser leaves no residue and is easy to apply to the entire hand. 

How to apply liquid Hand Sanitiser 

  1. Most Hand Sanitiser dispensers only require a single pump to dispense enough sanitiser for two hands. Rub it into your palms and fingers until the hands are completely covered. 

  2. This should take 20 to 30 seconds. Ensure all parts of the hand are covered, including between fingers and under fingernails/across fingertips. Fully allow the hands to dry before resuming activities.

  3. Always read the label of any Hand Sanitiser product. Unlike Alcagel, some products may contain ingredients that could cause skin irritation, such as fragrances, colourings, and other additives. 

Where to buy best Hand Sanitiser UK

The best place to buy Hand Sanitiser in the UK is a pharmacy or retailer such as Solar Medical and Chemical. Our Alcagel products are 100% vegan and contain moisturiser but no additives like fragrances.

 Do we sell wholesale Hand Sanitiser? 

We sell wholesale Hand Sanitiser in 56 100ml bottles, large 5L dispensers, tubs of 1000 surface wipes and a variety of other large sizes. Contact us for larger wholesale and bulk deals. 

Is our Hand Sanitiser vegan?

Alcagel® is 100% vegan, formulated without products of animal origin, making it vegan friendly and is not tested on animals. 

What sizes can you buy Hand Sanitiser in? 

Hand Sanitiser can be purchased in a range of sizes from portable 100ml bottles to 500ml bottles, 1-litre bottles, and our larger 5L dispensers. 

Is it safe to buy Hand Sanitiser online? 

Absolutely. Hand Sanitiser is safe to buy online and easy to ship. 

Is Hand Sanitiser safe for kids?

Hand Sanitiser is safe for kids, but should only be used with adult supervision. Moreover, the quantity used should be moderated, as children require less than adults. Ensure the child’s hands dry completely. Always store alcohol Hand Sanitiser out of the reach of kids. 

How effective is Hand Sanitiser?

Hand Sanitisers are very effective in killing germs and preventing the spread of infection. Studies have shown that Hand Sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol are the most effective at killing microorganisms, including bacteria and enveloped viruses. 

What bacteria do Hand Sanitisers kill? 

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers kill a wide range of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella.

What viruses do Hand Sanitisers kill?

Most Hand Sanitisers contain alcohol, which can kill many types of viruses, including the common cold and influenza viruses. Most commercial alcohol Hand Sanitisers are effective against COVID-19.

How does Hand Sanitiser work?

Hand Sanitiser with alcohol works by denaturing the proteins and lipids in the cell membranes of the microorganism, which causes the cells to break down and die. It has this effect in mere seconds, which makes it a quick and easy way to sanitise hands. 

Can you use too much Hand Sanitiser?

It is possible to use too much Hand Sanitiser, but the effects of doing so are not particularly dangerous. 

Overusing Hand Sanitiser can cause skin irritation, dryness, and contact dermatitis. Using the correct amount of Hand Sanitiser and allowing the hands to dry completely before coming into contact with other liquids is important. Moreover, most good alcohol Hand Sanitiser also contains moisturiser, which helps prevent dry skin. 

Is alcohol Hand Sanitiser the best?

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers are effective at killing certain germs and bacteria and rate as a strong alternative to traditional handwashing with soap and water. Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is effective when hand washing facilities are not present and is more effective at killing some viruses and bacteria. 

How can I get help choosing the best Hand Sanitiser?

Our team is ready and waiting to help. Simply contact us for personalised assistance.